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The night Joanne went missing, Aggie’s world ended. When a videotape arrives twenty years later containing hints of their sister’s fate, Aggie and her two remaining siblings set off in search of answers and closure. As they track Joanne’s last known movements to the rocky Atlantic coast, their surroundings embrace them almost too completely, and the cryptic tape’s message changes. And changes. And changes again.

Lost in a labyrinthine forest that shifts right in front of their eyes; trapped, exhausted, and pushed to their limits; by day, Aggie and her family struggle to defy the unearthly force that has taken hold of their fate, while by night a hideous figure stalks them from the shadows.

Available Everywhere Books are Sold April 14, 2023


"A Compendium of Creeps: World Folklore, Haunted Locales, and Original Fiction"

A Compendium of Creeps is a book for fans of folk horror and world folklore. Provine and Sullivan bring together nonfiction accounts of the creepiest locations around the world, contemporary essays on folklore, and original horror fiction inspired by urban legends and creepypasta.

Lost Grad Class, 2003 - Sample

"It's not that I think I can save them; I gave up on that a long time ago. But I've got to say something if I want to save someone else. If I write it down, then it's real; it's real, it's real. Maybe this time, it'll stick.

This is all that I know, all that I remember."


"Dracula Beyond Stoker, Issue 2: Renfield"

Delve into the mysterious mind of the zoophagus madman with 10 terrifying new tales, a humorous essay, a reprint of a lost classic, and a darkly kinky poem all under a gorgeous cover by Angela Johnson!

Nurse Renfield - Sample

"When my brother came home, four new locks were bought for our house. One for the door to the attic stairs, two for the upper door to the attic itself, and one for the small round window at the corner of the roof, in the attic. The doctor who was brought in (after the locks) said he’d seen similar cases, but nothing quite like this."

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